Warner Bros. has found their leading man for the musical Rock of Ages, with Diego González Boneta landing the coveted role of Drew Boley. We reported in March that the studio set up an open casting call for this role, which took place last weekend. Here's a description of the character from that casting call.

"In his early 20s, super handsome leading man looks and a nice guy, despite the tough-guy duds, Drew is an aspiring rocker, a talented singer/guitarist who's already working with a band. Immediately smitten by the lovely and naive, yet talented Sherrie, he's currently working behind the scenes at the legendary Bourbon Room, stoked when he finally gets a chance to open for a major star. Later, a mortified Drew is signed by a manager who insists on turning him into the next homogenized teeny bopper. Lead (5) Must have rock-n-roll singing voice."

Julianne Hough will play Sherrie Christian, who Diego González Boneta's Drew Boley falls for. Diego González Boneta has made recent appearances on CW's 90210, a recurring role on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars and the straight-to-DVD sequel Mean Girls 2. He was also a pop singer before turning to acting, with a hit single "Losing Me" in 2008.

Rock of Ages will be directed by Adam Shankman from a screenplay by Chris D'Arienzo and Justin Theroux. Production will start on May 19 in Florida.