Earlier this week, we reported that actor Alec Baldwin had stepped away from the Warner Bros. musical Rock of Ages. It seems that report was premature, since the actor recently showed up in Miami for rehearsals, confirming he will star in the movie.

It seems that Alec Baldwin recently discovered a medical condition and asked Warner Bros. if it was possible to be replaced. Since shooting is scheduled to begin on May 23, Warner executives knew it would be impossible to replace him on such short notice, and reportedly demanded that Alec Baldwin honor his agreement for Rock of Ages. It isn't clear what Alec Baldwin's medical condition is.

Alec Baldwin will play a major role as Dennis Dupree, owner of The Bourbon Club, a Sunset Strip rock hangout which lies at the center of the musical. Dennis Dupree also has a musical number in Rock of Ages.

Adam Shankman is directing Rock of Ages from a screenplay by Chris D'Arienzo, who adapted his own Broadway musical for the silver screen.