Catch their video for "Bleeding" directed by Christopher Sims

Are you ready to rock?!?!?

MTV 2's hit music video show Headbangers Ball will be playing Abacus Recording artist Ignite's "Bleeding" video on Saturday, June 2nd. Check your local listings and tune in to see this incredible video!

Ignite have reached all new heights in their career with their most recent release Our Darkest Days that continues to fly off shelves across the globe. They have out-shined bands such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Fallout Boy charting at #2 on German Radio Charts, tour constantly and are praised in the press with countless publications naming Our Darkest Days the album of the year saying things such as "This may be the perfect Ignite album, and definitely one of the best new albums of the year."(AMP Magazine) and "as close to perfection as you will ever find in recorded works" (

Ignite are unashamed and take an aggressive approach to their music and their message boldly defending environmental and social issues. Their video for "Bleeding" directed by Christopher Simms (Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying, Ten Years etc) perfectly captures the bands passion and position on the current war our country is involved in and the administration behind it. Ignite have mastered the art of memorable melodies on Our Darkest Days without sacrificing an ounce of intensity, aggression, or heart as you can see in their latest video for "Bleeding" this Saturday June 2nd on Headbanger's Ball! Watch the video below!

Ignite: Bleeding

Ignite also recently played Groezrock Festival in Belgium where thousands of crazed fans went absolutely insane for them. Check out the live video from the set of them playing "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" with Tim McIlrath of Rise Against doing back-up vocals!

Ignite: Sunday Bloody Sunday

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