MMA or WWE Pay-Per-View bout.

Vin Diesel The Rock UFC Match

For this epic match-up, MMA star turned actor Randy Couture enters the proceedings. He will be the guest referee. Now, it may seem like The Rock will have the advantage in size, and he will, but with most combat sports, size only matters so much. Initially, this bout will start off like Royce Gracie vs. Dan Severn in UFC 4. It will see The Rock being all over Diesel. This bout will seem to be over. It will look like a total mismatch. Now, I am not saying that Diesel is going to pull through with a triangle choke, but I think, like the many lives of Dominic Toretto, he will submit The Rock when everybody thinks that he can't. Again, Vin Diesel holds on to the Fast & Furious franchise, and maintains negotiating power over everybody. And if it were a pay-per-view event, we're guessing it would probably make more money than the last Fast sequel managed to at the box office.

Arm wrestling.

Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson Arm Werstling

Again, Sylvester Stallone is tapped to handle these festivities. This event will be held in either Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York. In fact, Stallone might even be able to get the original arm wrestling device (from his massive memorabilia collection) that the the actors used in the 1986 film. However, this is put together, no matter how much back and forth their is, it seems that The Rock should ultimately triumph. With the beef between these two men squashed, Diesel agrees to appear in a cameo in the spin-off film he tried to nix with The Rock and Jason Statham.

Remake Brokeback Mountain.

Vin Diesel The Rock Brokeback Mountain Remake

Okay, Focus Features may have been the production company on record for Brokeback Mountain, but they are ultimately owned by Universal Filmed Entertainment Group. Yup, the same company that owns the Fast & Furious property. With all that synergy, would it really be hard to imagine a remake of this groundbreaking classic from 2005? Imagine all the buzz for the this project? These two guardians of masculinity strip it all away to tell this timeless love story. People like myself could write lists for years about with actor should play Jack Twist? Which one should play Ennis Del Mar? Who would be their Alma? Then, imagine if James Wan or Justin Lin took a crack at directing this material? It could make Brokeback Mountain a bigger film than ever before. Maybe one that continues to be revisited?