We've been hearing about the Rocketeer remake for awhile now, which is tentatively called The Rocketeers. It appears that quite a few directors have seen Disney about the movie over the past couple of years, with each pitching their own take. 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg was someone very eager to take on the job. He didn't land it, but he's showing off art he used in his pitch.

Earlier today it was announced that Dan Trachtenberg will be directing the biopic The Secret Life of Houdini, a job he landed on the success of this year's surprise hit 10 Cloverfield Lane. True life drama aside, Dan Trachtenberg is a genre fan at heart. And he jumped at the chance to possibly direct a Rocketeer remake.

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The original Rocketeer landed in theaters way back in 1991, and it was a modest hit for Disney. This WWII set story has gained quite a cult over the past couple of years, following a somewhat unknown comic book character at a time when these types of movies weren't as popular as they are now. It wasn't until Captain America: The First Avenger, which was helmed by Rocketeer director Joe Johnston, found big box office success, that Disney decided it should revisit the earlier movie, as they are quite similar in a lot of ways.

The Rocketeers is currently being imagined as a sequel that takes place six years after the original movie. It will kick off during the Cold War. And it features a young black female pilot who picks up the Rocketeer mantle from the original superhero. Matt Spicer and Max Winkler are writing the script. But it appears they came aboard after Trachtenberg made his pitch. the director shared a piece of interesting art that hints at the story, saying this about the project on Instagram.

"Years ago I had [concept artist, Dennis Calero] draw this up for me to pitch. It was an alt-history take. Seems more relevant now."

The image shows Nazis invading New York as The Rocketeer stands atop the Statue of Liberty. The director's comments about this particular alternate history story seem to be pointed at Trump's recent election, and recent news of an emboldened white supremacist movement. It doesn't appear that any of Trachtenberg's ideas will actually make it into the reboot. The movie is still in-development and is supposed to hit theaters in 2018. That is scheduled to change. Take a look as the Rocketeer prepares to deal with a Nazi invasion.