Lucky attendees at CinemaCon were treated to an extended Rocketman clip. Even though only a short bit of the movie was previewed, there are already talks of star Taron Egerton getting a shot at an Academy Award next year. Paramount Chairman Jim Gianopulos introduced the movie after dancers took the stage, which wowed the audience. However, there have been more than a few comparisons to Bohemian Rhapsody, which is to be expected at this point in the game.

The Rocketman extended look coming out of CinemaCon begins with Taron Egerton as Elton John declaring, "I don't want to just play dead people's music," before launching into writing some of his biggest hits. From there, it goes to the musician's legendary gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles where the singer had a bit of a rough start until he launched into his hit single "Crocodile Rock." At the end of the extended clip, Egerton's take on John was shown grappling with fame and later drug addiction. It's an incredible story in real-life, so it will be interesting to see how director Dexter Fletcher pulls another music biopic out on his own this time.

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Bohemian Rhapsody is the highest grossing music biopic of all time, so there are bound to be comparisons. Plus, the projects share director Dexter Fletcher. However, there are some big points that are much different. For one, Taron Egerton is doing all of the singing, which reportedly blew Elton John away and from what we have seen so far, it's easy to see why. Another difference is that John is still alive and gave his blessing to different aspects of the story changing details to make a more cohesive story on the big screen.

Dexter Fletcher was a little nervous about showing Rocketman to Elton John. But the musician was thrilled with what he saw and was supportive during the entire process, including the development phase of the project. As for how it will be received when it hits theaters, that's another story. While Bohemian Rhapsody was a box office success, it was not a critical favorite and many were stunned to see it win multiple Academy Awards, including one for editing, which really baffled some industry professionals since there are more than a few clunky scenes.

Whatever the case may be, it's looking like Rocketman is starting out with some early praise from the extended CinemaCon footage. It would be pretty amazing to see Taron Egerton and Rami Malek earn Academy Awards for playing two of the most influential musicians in rock history, two years in a row. While those whispers of an Academy Award for Egerton are whispers at the moment, they could go into full roars when the movie hits theaters next month. You can see a video of Dexter Fletcher talking about playing Rocketman for Elton John at CinemaCon below, thanks to Variety's Twitter account.