The Good

It is great to finally complete my Rockford Files DVD collection.

The Bad

No extras...? For a final season?The Rockford Files: Season Six is the final season of what has to be one of the best (if not the best) detective shows to ever be on television. James Garner and the rest of the cast really give it their all with this season playing as a fine swan song. Jim Rockford (Garner) is on the case as he finds himself in the world of high society, the mob, and other interesting situations all while charging his clients a modest fee to get his work done. While he always seems to get his man or woman, Rockford has a way of going about his business that is imminently interesting. Set against the backdrop Southern California, The Rockford Files: Season Six is the kind of show that was made to be released on DVD.


No extras came with this release.


Full Frame - 1.33:1. This show was shot in an almost overblown way. The inside shots are rarely ever dark, but the outside shots seem particularly bright. Not that any of this is bad or will detract from the viewing experience, but The Rockford Files: Season Six is a real timepiece of our country's history. We get a nice thumbnail look at the kinds of cars that were being driven, the way people dressed, the hairstyles, etc.


English Dolby Digital 2.0. Subtitled in English and Spanish. I wish James Garner would get into doing "Books On Tape". There is something about his voice, the way he phrases things and the cadences that he uses, that just makes even the slightest sentences that come out of his mouth sound original. Garner is one of those rare actors that I have seen in many different roles and never thought he was acting.


For The Rockford Files: Season Six they packed all three discs into a piece of packaging that is held together by a slipcase. The front cover gives us a nice head shot of James Garner with an orange tint. The letters that say The Rockford Files: Season six are a mix of sunny gold, and reddish orange. They also embossed on the box. The back features a description of the show, a shot of the show's main character and some technical specs.

Final Word

Seeing as how I probably won't ever be writing about this show again, I'd like to take this moment to say what a pleasure it has been to cover most of the seasons of The Rockford Files. I say "most" because there were a couple of seasons that Universal Home Entertainment didn't send us for some reason. I loved having this show be on in the morning when I used to work from home. There was a comfortable nature about it that made it quite engaging as I did my work every morning.

Now that my time covering this show seems to be coming to an end (unless they release the TV movies on DVD, of which I think there were one or two), I can honestly say that my life and DVD collection are richer because of this show.

The Rockford Files was released .