A new poster for the upcoming director's cut of Rocky IV has been revealed by Sylvester Stallone. The star of the franchise, as well as the director of this particular entry, shared the poster on social media recently to hype up the release, which he promises is coming soon. What's more, Stallone has revealed that the premiere will be taking place in Philadelphia, Rocky's home city.

The post features Rocky Balboa in the center of a boxing ring, with Dolph Lundgren's Ivan Drago looming large in the background. The title is listed as Rocky IV on the poster, though Sylvester Stallone previously indicated that this new cut would be going under the title Rocky vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut. Whether or not that is still the case remains to be seen. In his caption, Stallone had this to say.

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"Rocky vs Drago!!!! Coming pretty soon. It will premiere in Philly which is going to be fantastic!"

Unfortunately, Sylvester Stallone didn't dive into details. It's not wholly clear just how soon "pretty soon" is. It also wasn't revealed when, precisely, this premiere will take place. In any event, it seems this new cut of the movie isn't all that far off. We may be seeing a trailer soon, given that Stallone has already revealed a poster. Just don't expect to see any of Paulie's robot in it, as it has already been revealed that element of the movie has been axed in this new version.

Rocky IV was originally released in 1985. It sees Rocky Balboa as the current world heavyweight champion. But a new challenger emerges in the form of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), a six-foot-four, 261-pound fighter who has the backing of the Soviet Union. Rocky takes the fight and trains in Siberia in preparation for a globally televised match in the heart of Moscow. He must defend not only himself, but also the honor of his country.

As was the case with Rocky II and Rocky III, Sylvester Stallone stepped behind the camera for the fourth entry in the franchise. It became an absolutely massive hit, taking in more than $300 million at the global box office. It remains the highest-grossing entry in the series to date, and by quite a wide margin. The next closest movie is the original Rocky, which took in $225 million during its run. With the Creed movies re-igniting the franchise, it's easy to see why this director's cut is happening.

The franchise is far from over beyond this new director's cut. Michael B. Jordan is gearing up to not only star in Creed III but make his feature directorial debut as well. Sylvester Stallone has said that he won't be appearing in the movie, though he was, at one point, developing another spin-off movie as well. It's also worth noting that with Amazon's recent multi-billion-dollar purchase of MGM, the Rocky movies will soon have a new owner. Be sure to check out the poster for yourself from Sylvester Stallone's Instagram.