Rocky and Drago are getting back in the ring on the big screen this November. Sylvester Stallone has been working on a Rocky IV director's cut for some time now and the filmmaker, who both starred in the leading role and directed the 80s classic, has revealed that his new version of the flick is on the way later this year. Not only that but it will indeed be making its way to theaters for those who want that experience.

The announcement was made by Sylvester Stallone on Instagram. He shared a new poster for the Rocky IV director's cut, which, at least at one point, was going to be titled Rocky vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut. That specific title does not appear on this poster. But it does feature Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago going toe-to-toe in the ring with the words Rocky Vs. Drago underneath. Stallone shared the poster with the following caption.

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"Opening in theaters Nov. 11th ! Wide screen and 4 K ... So proud of all the technicians that did a great job in bringing this film & battle back to life in an amazing way ! Thank you."

Not all that much has been revealed, specifically, in terms of what will be different with this cut. Clearly, it has been given a 4K upgrade, which means it should look better than it's ever looked. It has already been confirmed that Paulie's robot will be removed from this version though. So those who were attached to that particular element of the movie are possibly in for some disappointment. With a release date now locked in, we should expect to be learning more in the coming months.

Setting aside any creative reasons for doing a director's cut of this particular movie, from a business perspective, it makes all of the sense in the world. Rocky IV, which was originally released in 1985, remains the highest-grossing entry in the franchise to date. It took in more than $300 million worldwide at the box office during its run in theaters. Plus, the Creed movies have spawned a renewed interest in the boxing flicks in recent years. With that in mind, it makes every bit of sense for MGM, the studio behind the franchise, to capitalize. Ultimately, this could benefit Amazon as the tech giant recently announced plans to acquire MGM in a massive deal valued at nearly $8.5 billion.

As for the future of Rocky, Michael B. Jordan is set to step into the ring once more as Adonis Creed in Creed III. Not only that, but Jordan is set to make his feature directorial debut with the sequel. Sylvester Stallone has confirmed that he will not return as Rocky Balboa in the movie, though he has discussed plans for another possible spin-off centered on a Mexican boxer. However, little has been revealed about that since the news first broke. The Rocky IV director's cut is set to hit theaters on November 11. Be sure to check out the new poster for yourself from Sylvester Stallone's Instagram.