Sylvester Stallone already has ideas to keep the Rocky franchise moving forward. The actor recently retired from the Rocky Balboa role after two very successful Creed movies, but he may have to return at least one more time to introduce a new undocumented immigrant boxer, according to a new interview with the actor. Stallone is currently doing some press for his upcoming Rambo 5: Last Blood, which may be the last time he portrays John Rambo on the big screen.

The new Rocky idea would have Stallone's Rocky Balboa character training an undocumented immigrant boxer who ends up getting deported. "(Rocky) finds this fella in the country illegally and it becomes a whole thing," says Sylvester Stallone. The main chacacter would have to fight his way back into the country while also taking Balboa out of his comfort zone in another country. The actor anticipates it would also be a way to step aside from the franchise and let it continue on without him.

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The interviewer made a joke about this new Rocky movie being Donald Trump's favorite, but Sylvester Stallone didn't care to comment. Instead, he talked about how interesting the story could be. "That could be different. You throw him out of the country and into another world," noted the actor. It would definitely be a way to shake up the franchise and keep it going. However, there will more than likely be some people who take issue to the whole undocumented immigrant aspect to the movie, which could be a controversy that ends up helping the project as a whole.

An underdog getting thrown out of the country could make for an interesting installment in the Rocky franchise. Sylvester Stallone just has the idea at the moment and it's not clear if he has officially pitched the idea to the studio at this point in time. The actor is on a role with the success of the Creed series and with the upcoming Rambo 5: Last Blood, so a studio would be wise to listen to his ideas. If anybody knows the Rocky franchise and how it should move forward, it's Stallone. Especially if the franchise is to move on without him.

Sylvester Stallone is 72-years old and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. When asked how he keeps getting into these physical movies, he revealed his motto: "Never stop punching until you can't lift your arms. That's how I roll." That motto is a way of life for the actor and it's something that weaves through just about everything he does. If the main character in a possible new Rocky movie gets deported, Stallone's motto is going to be what gets said fighter back at the top of his/her game. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to reveal the new ideas for the Rocky franchise.