Rodney Dangerfield: The Ultimate No Respect Collection: According to The Hollywood Reporter, direct television marketeer Respond 2 Entertainment is slated to release Rodney Dangerfield: The Ultimate No Respect Collection DVD box set December 7th, featuring three of the comic's ABC specials, three HBO specials and never-before-seen footage from Dangerfield's personal archives.

The "Ultimate No Respect Collection" also sports guest appearances including Aretha Franklin, Bill Murray, Andy Kaufman, Harvey Korman and Jerry Seinfeld, among others.

For the first several months, the collection will be offered only through R2's direct-response toll-free number, mailing address and Web site. After that, the set is expected to be re-released at retail, following the distribution strategy of past R2's Johnny Carson and Sony & Cher rollouts, R2 vp Brant Berry said.

"This was an amazing project for us," he said. "We met with Rodney shortly before his death, and he knew that this would be a piece of history that he could completely control."