Silent Hill: According to Roger Avary's official website, the screenwriter has finished the Slent Hill adaptation script...

I have just finished the "Silent Hill" script. I'm sitting in Samuel Hadida's office, with Christophe Gans, and we're opening a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Despite the jubilation and happiness I'm feeling, I can't help but be slightly sad. I'm leaving for the United States on Sunday, and though I need to be there to vote, I'm going to miss this experience in Paris. I've made more friends, and had more life experience here, than I have had in the last year back in my own country. This has been the most fun I've had writing a script since...I don't know when.

For those concerned about the speed writing on "Silent Hill, you need not fear. Let me explain, when I arrived in Paris a highly detailed treatment had been in the works for over a month by Christophe Gans and Nicholas Boukhrief. I spent three intensive weeks with Christophe, rewriting the treatment to perfection, and then Nicholas did another pass on it. Then, I sat down and over the next three weeks put together the first draft. Now, although we have something that resembles a finished script, with dialog and formatting and little details worked out -- it's still technically a pre-draft. I spent today with Christophe taking character notes -- examining what doesn't work. And there's plenty. Keep in mind, no script is a movie. It's a blueprint toward production...and the blueprints tend to change along the way. The reason we wrote this FAST is because it's a GO MOVIE. Christophe and his production team desperately need something to begin the boarding and budgeting process. They need to plan for the massive special effects in the film. They need to begin all of the preproduction that goes into making a movie -- they begin shooting in February, after all. So, although I'll be leaving Paris and going back home to my orange farm and cats, work on "Silent Hill" will continue. It's quite likely that writing will continue right up into shooting. So everybody relax. We're making a movie here, not just a script.

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.