Several of Roger Corman's most popular creations, including the superheroine Black Scorpion, will be living on in comic book form, thanks to a partnership with Bluewater Productions. Comic Book Movie reports that the properties will appear under the title Roger Corman Presents.

In addition to Black Scorpion, other properties being adapted include Death Stalker, The Barbarian Queen, and Humanoids From The Deep.

The comic releases will include involvement from Corman himself, as well as other creative talents behind Corman's films. The comics will also take a page from DVD releases, and will include "extras" in the form of interviews, behind-the-scenes photos and Corman's reminiscences about the film. "Comic books have given me so much over the years that it's time I gave something back to the medium," Corman said.

Craig J. Nevius, who co-created Black Scorpion with Corman insists that the comic adaptation was always a part of the plan. Nevius said, "Roger and I had always intended to create a comic book franchise based on the Black Scorpion movies and TV series. And with classic costumed superheroes back in vogue thanks to the success of the The Dark Knight and Iron Man movies, the time seemed right to bring back our costumed superheroine."

The character of Black Scorpion was played by Joan Severence in the film version, before being taken over by Michelle Lintel for the Black Scorpion television series. Bluewater has come to an agreement with Lintel to use her appearance as the basis for the character in the comic series.