Now that the gestating thriller Narco Sub is back on track, with Antoine Fuqua signing on to direct last month, the project has some new competition with another narco sub movie entitled Hyperbaric, which has Roger Spottiswoode set to direct.

Hyperbaric is set inside a narco sub, an underwater vechicle used by drug cartels to transport narcotics, primarily between Colombia and Mexico. Because they are so small, these sumbersible ships cannot be detected by radar. The story follows four strangers, each with their own secrets, aboard a "crudely-built" narco submarine, as they try to deliver a fortune's worth of cocaine while eluding the Coast Guard.

The project originated as a spec script by Dominic Morgan and Matt Harvey, with Rick Benattar and Nigel Thomas on board to produce. It isn't known if Hyperbaric or Narco Sub will get off the ground first, but our report from May revealed that Antoine Fuqua will direct the boxing drama Southpaw before moving on to Narco Sub.

Roger Spottiswoode's directing credits include Turner and Hooch, Air America, Tomorrow Never Dies and The 6th Day.