Fear not, Star Wars fans. The Rogue One Prequel series starring Diego Luna as Cassian Andor is staying on target and is set to begin filming this year. The show was originally announced in November 2018 and has been in development at Lucasfilm ever since, with the show set to debut on the Disney+ streaming service. Now, Luna has shed some light on the project.

Diego Luna was one of the core cast members in Rogue One, which went on to become a huge hit within the franchise. Luna has been promoting Narcos: Mexico season 2 recently and, during an interview, he was asked about the status of the show. Here's what Luna had to say about it.

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"Yes, we are doing it. We are doing it this year. It's happening, and I'm getting ready for it."

The actor doesn't know all that much about what's in store for the Disney+ series, but says he has read some of the scripts. It was previously revealed that Tony Gilroy, who stepped in to help with major rewrites and reshoots on Rogue One, will be writing the show's first episode, as well as directing several installments. Stephen Schiff (The Americans) is set to serve as the showrunner. Speaking further, Diego Luna explained why he's excited to jump back in Cassian Andor's galactic space boots.

"I can't wait. It is really cool to tell a story where you already know the ending. It is a different approach because of the beauty and it's how things happen. It's not just what happens. It's not the typical way of approaching a story. It's about how things happen, which in fact, is the same that happened in Rogue One. You know the ending, but you don't know how it happened, and we have that challenge in front of us again, which is exciting."

Indeed, Cassian Andor and the rest of the crew who stole the Death Star plans met their demise at the end of the movie. The idea is that we will trace Cassian's journey through the Rebellion before the fateful mission. Rogue One planted plenty of seeds that suggest Cassian has a dark and complicated past worth exploring. It has already been confirmed that Alan Tudyk will be reprising his role as Cassian's trusty droid pal, K-2SO. Beyond that, no further casting details have been revealed.

The Mandalorian debuted on Disney+ last year and became a huge hit. Most importantly, it was widely-embraced by Star Wars fans and didn't seem to be divisive at all. Lucasfilm is also working on an Obi-Wan Kenobi series that will star Ewan McGregor as the iconic Jedi, which is set to begin filming early next year. Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards, was released in 2016 and went on to earn more than $1 billion at the box office. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the project are made available. This news comes to us via Entertainment Tonight.