Leia met Jyn Erso? Yes. And according to the rules Lucasfilm is playing, that should be officially canon. But the new Princess Leia book in stores now tells us otherwise. Rogue One had a difficult birth to say the least and as a result, the movie lost some of the scenes that were shown off in the very first trailer as they were left on the cutting room floor. Though the prequel was generally well-received, it did suffer from a change of hands during post-production, which in turn, left some of the story to be disjointed in some areas.

A lot of fans expected to see the deleted scenes when Rogue One came out on DVD/Blu-ray, but that was not the case and Gareth Edwards' original edit of the movie will more than likely never be seen. But thankfully, the Rogue One comic book adaptation, which just wrapped up with the release of its 6th issue, provides a lot information that was left out as well as the time when Leia met Jyn Erso.

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All of the missing information from Rogue One that was filled in by the Star Wars comic book adaptation has been compiled in a short video provided by the Star Wars Explained YouTube channel. The video starts off by letting us know that a few lines of the deleted parts of the story were written by the comic book author, Jody Hauser, but the majority of the deleted scenes from the movie are provided from the novelization of Rogue One as well as Gareth Edwards' private notes. Together, the deleted scenes help to make the story a continuous piece and less disjointed.

One of the coolest parts of the comic adaptation is a brief encounter between a very young Jyn Erso and a young Princess Leia during a flashback discussion between Bail Organa and Saw Gererra. The scene is a neat nod, but one can see why it wasn't included in the movie as it has been proven in the Star Wars official canon that Leia did not learn about her parent's involvement with the Rebellion until she was 16-years old, which is a lot older than she is portrayed in the comic meeting. However, Leia still popped up in Rogue One, but not until the very end of the movie as it matches up with A New Hope.

Some other key elements that are included in the comic series, but not in the movie include Galen Erso's conversation with Bodhi when he convinced him to defect and aid the rebellion. Though the scene was not entirely necessary, it could've helped the story along a little smoother since we just see Bodhi appear and we take his word for it. Another scene that was left out of the movie was Jyn's urgency behind her escape from her cell in Wobani as the comic describes a life or death situation for her. One of the more important parts that was left out of Rogue One was the role of Saw Gerrera. Gerrera's role is fleshed out considerably, with Jyn recalling her childhood with the rebel, as well as readers seeing his very last moments (including a neat Clone Wars Easter Egg).

The video provides a nice in-depth look into the missing scenes from Rogue One and helps to push the Star Wars story along in a smooth transition from scene to scene that was not evident in the movie. Overall, the missing scenes will certainly make some of the most diehard Star Wars fans go back for a repeat viewing of Rogue One. You can check out the video of the missing scenes in comic book form below.