Landing a role in a huge movie like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story can be a life-altering experience in more ways than one. The most obvious way is how it can positively affect one's career, exposing said actor to one of the biggest fan bases in the world. Taking on a role in such a coveted movie also means said actor has to keep a number of secrets about the film very close to his or her vest, to avoid any massive spoilers leaking out onto the Internet before the movie's release. Diego Luna knows all too well about this, as he revealed in a new interview where he caught his son divulging some spoilers, just to pick up girls.

In the weeks, months and years leading up to the release of Rogue One, there was certainly no shortage of rumors regarding the plot, and even the reshoots that took place. Despite all of this, none of the movie's major secrets were leaked prior to the release, but it seems that Diego Luna didn't do the best job of keeping some of the movie's secrets under wraps. During an interview with Yahoo! Movies, the actor revealed he caught his eight-year-old son spilling some of the movie's secrets, while trying to impress some teenage girls.

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"It helped me to play a spy, because I had so much information, like my character, that I couldn't share. I'm the opposite. I always tell everything I'm doing. I want to share it and I want people to know the story I'm putting together. I did tell my kids. I told my son. They came to set, they spent the whole summer with me, the first two months of shooting. They would come to set, and promise not to tell anyone. You know what happened? We went once to the beach. I remember we were in the pool, I was with friends, my son was swimming and then I lost him. I go where is he, and I see these four 16-year-old girls, this guy is 8, and he's talking to them. This sounds a little fishy, so I start swimming and I just listen, 'Oh no, this film has no Jedi, it's just Rebels.'"

Rogue One started production last summer, but by then, the studio had already announced the story followed a group of Rebels stealing plans for the Death Star. Still, it was never officially revealed that this story had no Jedi warriors, and very little was revealed about any of the individual characters until it was much closer to the release. Diego Luna added that he had to scold his son about leaking these spoilers, but, at the same time, he was also kind of proud of him.

"But then, he did it for the right reason, right? He was talking to the girls and he got their attention, so I had to talk to him later and say 'you cannot tell people, until they see the trailer, that we are Rebels, you know? People today don't know we're rebels.' He said, 'OK, OK, I won't do that.' But then I wanted to say that was a good move, by the way. A very good move, and if you wait another eight years, you might be ready."

Rogue One has been setting the box office on fire since hitting theaters on December 16. We reported yesterday that the Star Wars spin-off has crossed the $800 million worldwide milestone, and it should surpass Finding Dory in the very near future to become the biggest movie of the year at the domestic box office. Take a look at Diego Luna's video interview below where he talks about his son exposing some of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story secrets.