The trailers and TV spots for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may reveal more about the much talked about reshoots than any of the news reports swirling around the first Star Wars spin-off. We know that the ending was changed, but there are quite a few moments that appear to be missing from the final cut of the movie. And these aren't scenes from the earliest trailers, either. Some of these moments are still airing as part of TV spots as we head into Rogue One's first weekend in theaters.

Rogue One is going to give Suicide Squad a run for its money in terms of what didn't make it into the movie. And sure, there were some Force Awakens moments from the trailers that still haven't been included in any of the Blu-ray releases. But there seems to be a lot more missing from Rogue One than we might have first expected. Now, before we go any further, now that there are some big SPOILERS from here on out. And you'll only have yourself to blame if you continue to read on, especially after you see some of the stuff that Yahoo UK has pointed out.

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There was a lot made about Tony Gilroy, who wrote the original Jason Bourne trilogy, coming aboard to rewrite the script during reshoots, and helping to direct them as well. He apparently made $5 million for his trouble, but going over this excised footage, is there any wonder? Quite a bit has been changed, and it looks like there could be two completely different cuts of Rogue One in existence. It will be interesting to see if an extended cut is planned. Or if any of this footage will be released.

Back in May, rumors claimed that this standalone adventure was in "trouble," as the studio prepared for supposedly "extensive" reshoots. And extensive might be putting it lightly. At the time, stars such as Felicity Jones laughed off the rumors, reassuring fans the production wasn't in trouble. Tony Gilroy was first paid a sum of $200,000 a week to help write new dialogue and scenes for the Rogue One reshoots. That sum is said to be a "normal figure" for an in-demand writer working on a major studio tentpole film. His role later expanded, which lead to his paycheck ballooning to upwards of $5 million. Tony Gilroy started work on the reshoots in June, but he continued to work in post-production all through late November.

The reshoots are said to have "fixed" a number of different issues with the film, including giving the standalone adventure a new ending and more of a Star Wars feel. Tony Gilroy now has a shared screenplay credit on the film along with Chris Weitz, with Gary Whitta and John Knoll receiving story credit. From just what we see here in this story, big chunks of the movie's opening have been changed. Darth Vader was revitalized into a monster during reshoots. And the whole ending, including some key deaths, were changed. Here are all the images from the trailers in descending order along with the trailers at the very end, so you can watch some of this missing footage again.

Jyn Erso vs. The Tie Fighter

Rogue One Deleted Scene Tie Fighter

First and foremost, the most notable missing shot is a big money moment from the very first trailer. It sees Jyn Erso facing off against a Tie Fighter while she stands on an outside bridge at the Imperial outpost on Scarif. She is desperately trying to get a message to the Rebels that are up above, locked out of the planet by a big intergalactic gate that surrounds the Scarif, keeping them out. This one is hard to miss, because it seems that most of the scene is there. Except for the Tie Fighter. It appeared to be a big moment in the trailer, and it's one you keep waiting for, because it really is a cool shot. Who is in the Tie Fighter? That hasn't been revealed. But we do know that the ending we see in theaters has been greatly changed from the ending that made it into the movie. And we're pretty sure this Tie Fighter had something to do with the outcome of it all.

Darth Vader Introduction

Rogue One Deleted Scene Darth Vader

Darth Vader is an old school character who gets one of the best scenes in the movie, when he ignites his lightsaber to take out a squadron of Rebel soldiers. But guess what? He's really not in the movie that much. Perhaps he gets a total of seven minutes screen time at most in this two hour adventure. But he makes the most of it. Thing is, there is definitely some Darth Vader footage that didn't make it into the final cut of the movie. Most notably, the first official image released of Darth Vader, which shows him standing with his back to the audience, in front of a red radar screen. It is no where to be found in the finished product. It's being speculated that the Darth Vader in the original cut, before the reshoots, was much more like the Darth Vader we know and love in A New Hope. That means he was slow, a little boring, and did a bunch of choking. He still gets to show off his signature chock hold in Rogue One, but the reshoots have made him a beast, and he gets one scene where he slaughters a bunch of Rebels like a scene out of a horror movie. He is full of energy, and not to be messed with.

Darth Vader Confronts Krennic

Rogue One Deleted Scene Darth Vader Confronts Krennic

Another missing Darth Vader scene has Krennic confronting Darth Vader about the power of the Death Star, which is in the second trailer released. This footage, which appears to be taking place on either the Death Star itself, or on the Imperial base of Scarif, has been cut. Instead, Krennic and Darth Vader have their big moment together in Darth Vader's home on what looks to be the volcanic planet Mustafar, where Anakin Skywalker had his showdown with Obi-Wan Kenobi and lost his limbs. Apparently he's returned to Mustafar, where he likes to take energy revitalizing Bacta baths.

Jyn Goes Solo in the Imperial Silo

Rogue One Deleted Scene Jyn Goes Solo

Along with the Tie Fighter scene, there is another moment that was heavily featured in the first trailer that is now missing. It has Jyn Erso in her Imperial ground crew costume, standing in a lighted hallway. It has been featured heavily in the marketing leading up to the movie. While Jyn still appears in this costume in the final film, she is never seen alone in a moment like this, staying by Cassian's side throughout the duration of the third act.

K-2SO Lives to Escape the Imperial Base

Rogue One Deleted Scene K-2SO Lives

That previous shot leads directly into another shot, also cut out of the big end climax. As we can see in this scene, quite a lot has changed. For one K-2SO is still with Cassian and Jyn as they make their way through a scene shot at Canary Wharf Tube station. Jyn clearly has the stolen Death Star plans in her hand as the trio escapes. In the finished movie, the trio never make it this far, nor this intact. If you see the movie, you know that two of these characters take quite a beating before the plans ever get into their hands. And one of them doesn't even survive to see the plans get stolen.

Jyn and Cassian Escape with the Death Star Plans

Rogue One Deleted Scene Death Star Plans 1
Rogue One Deleted Scene Death Star Plans 2

The previous deleted scene leads directly into another shot where Cassian and Jyn are seen running on the beaches of Scarif as explosions go off all around them. Again, the plans are clearly seen in Jyn Ero's hands here. They are out of the Imperial Station and running hard while being attacked from all sides. The end of the movie is clearly much different than what happened before the reshoots, and these moments, especially this one taken from the Celebration sizzle reel, give us an idea about how this all played out.

Krennic and his Cape on Scarif

Rogue One Deleted Scene Krennic on Scarif

One of the most stunning shots in the first trailer has Ben Medelsohn's Director Krennic coming ashore as he wades through the tide on Scarif. Dead stormtrooper bodies littered around him. He struts and strides, with his glorious white cape flowing behind him. This scene is gone. And instead, we get a cape-less Krennic facing off against Cassian and Jyn on the bridge of the Imperial station.

The Stormtroopers wade through the Waters of Scarif

Rogue One Deleted Scene Stromtroopers on Scarif

There has been one shot of the Stormtroopers wading through the tropical blue waters of Scarif that wasn't in the movie, either. Though, we're not sure if this is just a publicity photo, or if this was from a scene that was actually shot for the movie. It appears that much of the beach raid has been excised from the final cut, and these awesome shots featuring the stormtroopers wound up in the dust bin. Even though they are gone, they sure have been used a lot in the poster campaign.

More Saw Gerrera Footage

Rogue One Deleted Scene Saw Gerrera

This brings us to earlier in the movie. A lot has been made about Forest Whitaker's Rebel insurgent Saw Gerrera, who gets an ample amount of screen time. But before this Clone Wars holdover appears later on in the movie with his crazy grey Doc Brown afro hairdo, he is seem bald, briefly, in the prologue that introduces the Erso family. In the trailer, we hear him ask, 'What will you do if they catch you?' That speech is gone, and it appears he had much more to do in the beginning of the movie then we actually get to see.

Rebel Prisoners on Jedha

Rogue One Deleted Scene Rebel Prisoners on Jedha

Another striking image that was completely cut out of the movie has a couple of Rebel X-Wing pilots being strutted in a single file line by Imperial troops as prisoners through the busy streets of Jedha. While there are prisons and rebels in the movie, this scene isn't anywhere to be seen.

Jyn Rebels on Yavin 4

Rogue One Deleted Scene Jyn Rebels

There is also a scene with Jyn handcuffed on Yavin 4, where her 'I Rebel..." line resonated in the first trailer, introducing her as a true badass. It is speculated that a great deal of the Yavin 4 scenes that introduce Jyn to Cassian were part of the reshoots.

Jyn Meets K-2SO for the First Time

Rogue One Deleted Scene Jyn Meets K-2SO

That leads us to the final shot in the trailer that is missing. And it features K-2SO meeting Jyn for the first time. This suggests that Jyn didn't meet K-2SO until much later in the movie, which could indicate that a great deal of the beginning of the movie was reshot along with the ending. We're guessing that there is even more footage lying around the editing bay that fans will probably never see. Some of it may wind up on the Blu-ray when it arrives, but we have a feeling a lot of this stuff is going to be locked away in a vault, saved for the 20th anniversary re-release. You can take a look at this footage in the videos here.