When Rogue One was still in theaters, one of the thrills for fans seeing it over and over again was to find all the obscure references and hidden imagery in the movie. As this first Star Wars anthology adventure killed it at the box office week after week, heading into 2017, we were inundated with all the cool and sometimes very subtle throwbacks to A New Hope and other entries in the canon. Now, as the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray and DVD get ready to hit home tomorrow, director Gareth Edwards has revealed an interesting tidbit that may have you hurrying to grab the disc sooner than later. Not every Easter egg has yet to be discovered!

Though, Edwards isn't one to throw out any clues or hints as to what fans might finds as they dig deeper into each image frame by frame. He does reveal one cool aspect of the movie that has seemingly been overlooking by the majority of the viewing audience. Most fans failed to recognize that a new Dewback of sorts was introduced in the movie. The director refers to it as a 'space camel' while speaking with Radio Times.

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There were plenty of obvious nods to past adventures sitting on the surface of the film. Everything from The Stig doing a Stormtrooper cameo, to that infamous blue milk lingering around in the Erso family home. But that was just scraping the surface of what you'll find once you're able to pause the movie with your remote. There are apparently 'loads of gems' just waiting to be discovered. Says Edwards.

"I'm not sure anyone's noticed the space camels that the stormtroopers ride in Jedha."

Early on in the interview circus that revolved around Rogue One, Felicity Jones admitted that she'd shot a scene involving a stormtrooper riding a new kind of alien creature. But that blink and you'll miss it moment was upstaged by another Easter egg. The Space Camel arrives at precisely the same moment an Imperial Probe Droid floats past our heroes in the background. Edwards continues.

"If you look really very carefully when Jyn and Cassian are walking through Jedha, you'll see these giant camel things that Stormtroopers are riding on the left. Everyone looks at the imperial probe droid from Empire Strikes Back to the right instead."

These aliens have previously appeared in the Star Wars Galactic Atlas. And it is believed they'll get a bigger role to play in Star Wars: The Last Jedi when Finn steals one to ride on his mission to infiltrate the Empire. The space camel is just one small indication of the nuggets of gold awaiting fans who decide to devote the next couple of days to watching Rogue One on slo-mo. There are a bunch more Secrets awaiting to be discovered as Rogue One hits Blu-ray and DVD April 4. Let us know if you find anything else as cool.