Is Jyn Erso's mother a Jedi? Is she somehow tied to the Jedi through her bloodline? Is Jyn Erso related to an existing Jedi or Sith? These are all interesting new questions that arose today shortly after a very revealing and awesome international trailer arrived for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The latest sneak peek is jam-packed with exciting action and plenty of adventure. We get to see these all-new heroes and villains waging a war, with lasers flying and debris falling from the sky. We even get to see some of the early devastation the Death Star caused before it was fully operational. But the thing that has most hardcore fans talking is that this latest footage appears to reveal the first Kyber Crystal ever seen in a live-action Star Wars movie.

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Accoridng to the Star Wars Wiki, The Kyber crystals are rare, Force-attuned crystals that grew in nature and were found on scattered planets across the galaxy. They are used by the Jedi and the Sith in the construction of their lightsabers. As part of Jedi training, younglings were sent to the Crystal Caves of the ice planet of Ilum to harvest crystals and then construct their own lightsabers. There were also larger, rarer crystals of great power and that, according to legends, were used at the heart of ancient super weapons by the Sith. This includes the deadly Death Star.

The beginning of this new trailer, which comes with Asian subtitles, shows us more of Jyn Erso's backstory. We already know from existing trailers that star Felicity Jones is playing daughter to Mads Mikkelsen's Galen Erso. He has been described as this galaxy's version of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the 'father of the atomic bomb'. And he is taken away from Jyn by the Empire at a very early age. He is the man responsible for helping to fine tune the Death Star and turn it into a very deadly weapon.

But we also get to see Valene Kane as Jyn's mother. And this is where it gets really interesting. Lyra Erso is introduced in a scene that finds the mother giving her young daughter a crystal hanging from a necklace. She then whispers 'trust the force'. Fans have no doubt that this is a Kyber crystal. The question is, where did Lyra Erso get it? And will it play a role in making the Death Stare operational?

Usually only Jedi and Sith have Kyber crystals in their possession. So where did Lyra get hers? Did she find it? Was it given to her by a Jedi, who are thought to be mostly extinct during this time period? Or is she, herself, a Jedi? Did she abandon her Jedi training to marry Galen? One of the biggest speculations is that she is actually one of the young Padawans who escaped being slaughtered by Anakin Skywalker before his full transformation in Revenge of the Sith. She appears to be the right age for this, and it could hint at further implications and plot lines in the Star Wars universe. Even if Rogue One doesn't explain who Lyra really is, it's surely something that will be explored further on down the road.

Of important note is the color of the crystal, It appears to be clear. But it could also be considered 'white', which is quite note worthy. Most Kyber Crystals carry a slight blue or green, occasionally purple hue. Jedi are said to be drawn to each individual Kyber Crystal, which forms a relationship with that particular Jedi. According to new Star Wars cannon lore, a Sith can bend a Kyber crystal to their will, causing it to bleed, which results in the Sith having their iconic red lightsabers. But a Kyber crystal can also be healed, a process that turns the crystal white. And low and behold, it appears that Jyn has a white Kyber crystal in her possession. If that's not the case, then why did a recent Star Wars book go out of its way to instill this particular lore?

The only known instance of purifying a corrupted kyber crystal was when Ahsoka Tano purified the two crystals she retrieved from the Sixth Brother's lightsaber following his defeat. In this case, the crystals turned white. So, are we looking at a big Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: Clone Wars crossover here? Did Lyra Erso somehow come in contact with Ahsoka Tano's white Kyber Crystal? What are her ties to this particular Jedi? And how does this all play into Star Wars: Rogue One?

Those answers may or may not be forthcoming in the new movie. They may also be saved for a book or other media. But it is very clear that Jyn Erso's tied into the force, connected somehow through her mother's bloodline. And that accounts for telling her troops 'May the Force Be With You' in the recent trailers, as Jyn Erso and her team set out to steal plans to the dreaded Death Star. Is this all leading up to some big Rey reveal in Star Wars: Episode VIII? That we couldn't possibly know. Maybe sometimes a crystal is just a crystal. Here's the new trailer in case you missed it earlier.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange