Disney and Lucasfilm are proudly wearing its animated Star Wars TV shows on its big screen sleeve. First came news that Forest Whitaker is playing Saw Gerrera, a solider first introduced in Disney's Clone Wars animated series. Now, we have a fresh Rogue One TV spot that contains a very exciting Star Wars Rebels Easter egg.

Low and behold, why yes, that is the now iconic Ghost ship from Star Wars Rebels in one of the scenes contained within this latest sneak peek. Will we see other characters from the series show up? That, we're afraid, has not yet been revealed.

This exciting Easter egg clocks in at the seven-second mark of this 14-second teaser, which comes direct from the Disneyland Experience Youtube page. The Ghost is surrounded by a number of other Rebel ships as it take a Star Destroyer head on in true Rebel fashion. Here's what the Star Wars Wiki has to say about the ship.

"The Ghost is a modified VCX-100 light freighter owned by the Twi'lek Hera Syndulla that was used by a group of rebels during the Age of the Empire. The Ghost saw actions on numerous missions and skirmishes against the forces of the Galactic Empire. The Ghost also had an auxiliary vessel called the Phantom that could double as both a shuttle and a starfighter. And it is the primary ship in Star Wars Rebels. Made by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, it was named by Hera for her ability to evade Imperial sensors. Although an old vessel with a few dogfight battle scars from the Empire, she still performs reliably. The ship has a nose turret gunner station underneath the cockpit section, with a dedicated gunner seat, and a 360-degree dorsal laser cannon turret midships. The vessel had a crew section at the front half, with two of the four main cargo holds making up the forward corners of the ship."

This Rogue One: A Star Wars Story TV spot teases viewers that the first spin-off arrives in just Ten Days. And we get to see Jyn Erso hugging her precious Kyber crystal given to her by her mother as a young child. The movie will reveal that these crystals are the main power source for the planet decimating weapon known as The Death Star.

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This new footage also offers a big old hint that Princess Leia is going to get a cameo in Rogue One. Also amongst the ships spotted alongside the Ghost is the Rebel Blockade Runner from the opening moments of A New Hope, which is carrying Princess Leia after intercepting the transmissions containing the stolen Death Star plans. Will a new actress be playing Leia? Or will we get to see Carrie Fisher rendered in Young mode courtesy of motion capture Ala Michael Douglas in Ant-Man and Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War? Take a look at this exciting footage right now.

Star Wars Rogue One Ghost Easter egg 1
Star Wars Rogue One Ghost Easter egg 2
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