So far, we've seen two trailers and a TV spot for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, along with sizzle reel footage from Celebration this past summer. While these first look videos have provided us with an overview of what to expect, we haven't been given a whole lot of details about the new alien creatures and all the cool new Stormtrooper armor that will be on display in this first Star Wars spin-off. That changes today, as a few character descriptions have been unveiled.

Most of this information is likely backstory for these incoming characters, as they are not the central line-up, and we doubt they'll be given much screen time. These descriptions are fun and informative, none the less. And they arrive courtesy of Making Star Wars. You can see the images of these Rogue One characters below in the order that we discuss them.

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First up is the furry white beast known as Moroff. Many mistook this monster for the Wampa when he was first spotted in the Rogue One Sizzle reel. His species is actually Gigoran. Moroff is a mercenary. He seeks out combat zones to sell his brawn and firepower to anyone who might need it. In Rogue One, he decides that he can make money as a towering heavy gunner. Though, he soon gets swept up in the Rebel Alliance.

Next up, we have Rebel Commando Pao. He was also first seen in the Rogue One Sizzle Reel. His species is Drabata. He is amphibious, which comes in handy on the beautiful tropical paradise planet of Skarif, where he has to battle Stormtroopers in the surf. Pao is a fierce commando who charges into battle with a full-throated battle cry of "Sa'Kalla!" He joins the Rogue One team on its historic mission to secure the Death Star plans.

Now, we move onto some of the new Stormtroopers being utilized in the movie. None of which must have been too effective, as we never see them again in the original trilogy. First up is the Scarif Stormtrooper Commander. This Specialist stormtrooper is stationed at the top-secret Imperial Military headquarters on Skarif. These Shoretroopers patrol the beaches and bunkers of the planetary facility.

Next up is the Hovertank Driver, also classified as a Stormtrooper soldier. These Imperial combat drivers operate the Empire's arsenal of armored repulsor vehicles. Combat drivers are highly armored, relying instead on the thick skin of their vehicles to protect them in the battle.

All of these characters will be available in action figure form this Force Friday, which is happening one minute after midnight on September 30. They will arrive with a full assortment of various toys and other merchandise at participating retailers countrywide. The movie arrives in theaters this December, just in time for the Christmas holiday.

Commando Pao
Scarif Stormtroopers
Hovertank Driver
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