Earlier today it was reported that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was undergoing extensive and very expensive reshoots after a few disastrous test screenings sent Disney into a panic. That report was only partially true. There never were any test screenings. And Disney isn't worried about the overall structure of the movie. But there will be reshoots, which are common place in the Hollywood studio system.

Just a few years ago, news of reshoots were an immediate cause for alarm. But Disney has made them common practice, as they want the best product possible. All of the recent Marvel movies have reshoots built into their production schedule. And The Force Awakens under went reshoots before its release this past December. According to Disney and Lucasfilm, this is all business as usual.

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The initial report claimed that Disney executives were extremely worried about Rogue One after the movie failed to test well. That has been clarified. At this time, according to Deadline, only Disney's top brass have seen the movie. The story, which follows a group of Rebels on a mission to steal plans to the first Death Star, is said to be much darker this time around.

Gareth Edwards, best known for Monsters and Godzilla, is directing the movie, and it was stated by an insider close to the studio that he has been very strict about studio interference. But there is a lot riding on the movie, especially with it set to launch a new franchise of Anthology films, which will be followed in 2018 by Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Disney suits decided that, after watching the entire first cut of the film, some big changes needed to be made.

While the reshoots are reportedly lasting for four weeks over the course of this summer, Rogue One will not be delayed and is still set for a December 16 release date. The first cut is said to be 'lacking the edge that Force Awakens had' and the 'story needs to jell'. The hope is that Rogue One will still be able to put in an appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. And the first spinoff is the centerpiece of this year's Star Wars Celebration taking place this July in the UK.

This latest report goes onto state that Alden Ehrenreich may make a Han Solo cameo that is being compared to Luke Skywalker's one-minute appearance in The Force Awakens, but this has not been confirmed. The actor was hired for the role after Rogue One wrapped, and this could be part of the reshoots. The movie stars Felicity Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Forest Whitaker and Mads Mikkelsen in the leads. And Darth Vader is confirmed to show up at some point, though it isn't known how large of a role the iconic villain will actually have.

The Force Awakens is said to have required about three weeks of reshoots, which matches Rogue One. That movie went onto earn an astounding $2.07 billion at the worldwide box office. Disney and LucasFilm aren't in crisis mode, according to this latest report. They are just moving forward with what they believe will be the best version of the movie.