We are only four short months away from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finally hitting theaters, but strangely enough, we have yet to get a full-length movie trailer for the film. This is going to be the first ever Star Wars spinoff movie, of which Disney has many planned, so it is strange that they haven't already hit the marketing really hard. However, the wait for that trailer just got very short, as we know for sure that we are getting a new Rogue One trailer this Thursday during the Olympics.

During the Olympic Games on Sunday, a new TV spot for Star Wars: Rogue One was shown, announcing that a new trailer for Rogue One will be airing during the games on Thursday. Even though the TV spot hasn't yet hit the web, the official Star Wars Twitter account did confirm that the trailer is in fact on the way. Quite a few eager fans managed to take some shaky cell phone footage of the TV spot and posted it to their social media accounts, for those who may feel the need to watch some version of it before the trailer arrives later this week.

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"See the premiere of the new #RogueOne trailer during Olympic coverage this Thursday."

To go along with their Tweet, the Star Wars account posted the logo for Rogue One, along with a slogan above it that reads "A rebellion built on hope." Many fans were very disappointed when Disney and Lucasfilm decided not to drop a new trailer for Gareth EdwardsRogue One at Star Wars Celebration, instead, opting for a sizzle reel. Much like what the studio did for Star Wars: The Force Awakens at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015. It looks like Disney wants the eyes of the world on their new Star Wars movie, and debuting the trailer during the Olympics is a very good way to make sure that happens.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a prequel movie takes place in the time between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and tells the story of how the Rebels got their hands on the plans for the Empire's planet destroying weapon, the Death Star. The band of Rebels tasked with stealing the plans is being led by Jyn Erso, who has been described as a "Joan of Arc" character by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. She is accompanied by a mixed bag of rag-tag Rebels who are trying to secure the plans so that the Rebel Alliance can destroy the Empire's new, deadly weapon.

There has been a lot of news surrounding the reshoots that Rogue One recently had to undergo, and those reshoots are very likely part of the reason we have yet to see a full-length trailer for the movie. With the help of Tony Gilroy, those reshoots are done, and we are definitely going to be getting a very good look at the latest live-action Star Wars movie very, very soon. Also, we should probably prepare ourselves for at least a tease of Darth Vader, which is no doubt incredibly exciting. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set for release on December 16.