Rogue One is proving to be a fascinating case study in alternate universes, and there is enough video evidence to suggest that multiple different cuts with varying outcomes exist. Previous trailers and other TV spots and footage have all included moments or scenes that were deleted from the final theatrical version of the movie. And we've heard a number of the filmmakers, including director Gareth Edwards, his editors and various writers talk about how the movie changed over the course of some extensive reshoots. But more and more evidence arrives to prove that there is one very different movie floating around out there, locked away in some Disney vault next to Walt's frozen body. Now we have even more video evidence of what that alternate version may have looked like.

If you haven't seen the movie in the four weeks since its release, know that spoilers will be discussed openly and freely. That said, the rest of us who have seen the movie know that all of the main characters in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story meet their demise in the third act. But how that all came about is much different in the first cut of the movie. In the theatrical version, K-2SO is blasted into oblivion by Stormtroopers as he tries to protect Cassian and Jyn, who are in the process of retrieving the Death Star plans. We also know that Cassian suffers a deadly fall helping Jyn get the plans out of the Imperial base they've infiltrated on Scarif. Though, he does arrive in the final moments to save Jyn from being killed by Krennic, and the two of them get to stare off into the sunset as they are obliterated by a Kyber crystal-powered laser beam shot from the Death Star.

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Oh, but it wasn't always so. As this latest look behind the scenes prove. In a video from ABC News, we have a better understanding of what actually happened to Cassian and K-2SO in the original cut of the movie. This expose on the VFX seen in Rogue One delves into the creation of Imperial droid turned rebel K-2SO. We get to see some set footage of Alan Tudyk in his motion capture gear. And we get to see the droid's alternate fate as he is blasted in a similar fashion to what we actually see in the movie.

The telltale sign here is the sand. You see it all over the ground. And K-2SO is not in the base. Also, we see Cassian's lifeless body lying next to K-2SO as the robot is shot to death. The pair both died side-by-side outside of the Imperial bunker. This scene likely followed two other missing scenes. The first of which was shown in one of the earlier trailers. We know that in the original cut, K-2SO was still with Jyn and Cassian after they managed to get their hands on the plans. And we know from the Star Wars Celebration sizzle reel, that Jyn and Cassian made a made dash across the beach with those plans in hand. Now, here, we get to see how K-2SO and Cassian originally died. And it doesn't look like Cassian is going to get up to save Jyn at the last moment in this original version of their ultimate fate.

The video embed here is interesting beyond that. It delves into the overall creation of K-2SO with Clayton Sandell. One of the fun facts revealed in this video, alongside the alternate behind-the-scenes footage, is that K2's joints were inspired by the Star Tours ride at Disneyland, which give the attraction its feeling of weightlessness. There is nothing significant about this in terms of bringing the droid to life, though, beyond the fact that it pays an homage to Disney's Imagineers in an Easter egg you wouldn't probably ever discover without being told. You can check out the behind-the-scenes footage in the embed, which reveals one of Cassian and K-2SO's many fates. But just how many different ways did they die? Perhaps we'll never know.

Rogue One K2SO Deleted Scenes Death
Rogue One K2SO Death behind-the-scenes