Roland Emmerich's latest project seems to be over before it even began. Heat Vision Blog is reporting that his sci-fi thriller The Zone is no longer happening.

We first reported on the movie at the end of October, which was said to revolve around "found footage" that proved an alien force was taking over the world. Now, for whatever reason, Roland Emmerich has abandoned the project. Here's a statement from Roland Emmerich's representative:

"This is not a project (Emmerich) is pursuing at this time."

The movie was being shot on a miniscule budget of only $5 million, a severe step down from the big-budget blockbusters Emmerich normally produces. The Zone was supposed to start shooting next week, with a release date set for April 2011.

Our earlier report indicated that the movie would center on a middle-aged journalist and a college-aged cameraman, although the actors' names weren't revealed. It seems those actors were Peter Mackenzie and Brandon Scott, who had been rehearsing for the improv-based movie.

No concrete reason for the movie falling through was given, although it was speculated that the recent news of The Weinstein Company releasing Apollo 18 on March 4, could be a factor, since both projects have similar themes featuring found footage and aliens.