Though destruction king Roland Emmerich is busy finishing post-production work on his political thriller Anonymous, a more dramatic effort than we're used to seeing from the director, that hasn't kept him from perusing other interests more suited towards his craft. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emmerich is gearing up to shoot a low budget alien invasion flick on the sly entitled The Zone.

Few plot details are known at this time, but the thriller will be made up of "found footage", with videos, reels, taped audio, and secret files that prove the existence of an alien force taking over the earth. The dialogue will be mostly improvised, and the cast will be made up of unknowns. Its being reported that two unidentified actors have already been cast, one character is a haggard mid-life crisis journalist and the other is an African-American post-college graduate who is working as a news cameraman.

Emmerich will be working from a budget of $5 million. French writer/director Guillaume Tunzini has penned the screenplay. Sony is rumored to be distributing the thriller, but they had no comment.