Ron Howard: Well, folks. It's official, and word has spread faster than those Texas floodwaters. Opie has walked away from the director's chair on the proposed film retelling of the Alamo. This comes after months of discussion, the building of a 42 acre set in Austin, and the recent hire of Oscar winning screenwriter Stephen Gaghan for a rewrite. What this will mean for the project is unknown at this point, but with Howard likely to only produce, our bet is that Russell Crowe will soon fall out (though his official casting has never been announced anyway). We'll let you know more as news comes in.

LOE wishes to extend our sympathy to those who's lives have been affected by the tremendous weather pounding down in Texas.

Colin Farrell: The ultra-popular newcomer has signed on to star opposite Sam Jackson in S.W.A.T., based on the old television series of the same name. Farrell will earn $8 million for the role, his highest payday yet.

Stay tuned for a review of Colin in the Al Pacino film The Recruit.

Toy Story 3: In an interview with SciFi Wire, Tom Hanks indicated that he'd heard about the possibility of more adventures for Woody and Buzz, and that he'd be interested in once again performing the voice of the character.

Thanks To: The Hollywood Reporter, TLR426, SciFi Wire, and Variety.

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