Cinderella Man: In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Daily News, director Ron Howard gave a production update on the upcoming Russell Crowe starrer, Cinderella Man...

Howard reports that Crowe is working hard to overcome the dislocated shoulder injury that caused a delay in the start of "Cinderella Man."

"If anything, the physiotherapist said he has to worry about holding (Crowe) back. He's impressing everyone with his dedication." Howard points out that boxing legend Jim Braddock is a role Crowe has "always wanted to play. It's a shame he had the injury, but the guy he's playing got injured all the time. He says that dealing with this injury is helping him understand the heart and the spirit of the guy he's playing." He adds, "That's a good way to rationalize it, isn't it?"

Rehearsals begin Monday, with an April 19 production start planned.