Ron Howard took to social media to discuss the box office situation for Solo: A Star Wars Story while thanking the cast and crew for their hard work. According to new projections, the Star Wars spin-off won't crack $200 million domestically by the time it finishes its theatrical run. As of this writing, the film has taken in a little over $176 million in North America and over $312 million worldwide, which is a far cry from what Lucasfilm and Disney were expecting.

Some Star Wars fans have been trying to figure out just exactly why Solo is underperforming at the box office. One of the prevailing theories is that there is still a backlash over The Last Jedi's left turns amongst hardcore devotees of the franchise. While that seems oversimplified, a fan presented this theory to Ron Howard on Twitter. The director took some time to reflect and then revealed that he was "proud" of the film. He had this to say.

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"I'm proud of #SoloAStarWarsStory and the cast & crew worked hard to give fans a fun new addition. As a director I feel badly when people who I believe (& exit polls show) will very likely enjoy a movie... don't see it on a big screen w/great sound."

Solo: A Star Wars Story is getting good marks from critics and fans who have praised Ron Howard's work as well as the performances of Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, and Emilia Clarke. In addition, Solo provided some pretty interesting plot twists and delivered what some have deemed "too much" fan service, which is of course a matter of personal opinion. Solo may end up as one of those Star Wars movies that ends up getting better with age as people who didn't see it in the theater discover it on Blu-ray or streaming services.

Another popular theory that has been floated about the box office underperformance of Solo is the promotional campaign. Many believe that it started much too late and that it was released too close to The Last Jedi. The first footage from the spin-off didn't even debut until February, which by marketing standards is pretty late in the game for a movie that opens in late May. On the other hand, this makes sense to release so late since The Last Jedi opened in mid-December and was still earning at the box office when the Solo promo campaign started.

There is no one factor that led to Solo: A Star Wars Story not living up to expectations at the box office. It's more than likely a combination of the factors mentioned above as well as Lucasfilm and Disney believing that the franchise could standalone without a mega promotional campaign and the theory of Star Wars fatigue. In the end, Ron Howard is still proud of the work that he and the cast and crew put into the film. You can check out what was said about Solo's box office performance below, thanks to Ron Howard's Twitter account.

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Kevin Burwick