When you lose Mickey Rourke, the only logical conclusion is to replace him with Hellboy's Ron Perlman. According to the culture devouring website Vulture, Perlman has been cast as Corin in Marcus Nispel's upcoming epic Conan, replacing Rourke, who bowed out of the project earlier this year.

Corin, as you very well may know, is Conan's father, a single parent and master thief. Lionsgate will begin shooting this new version of the classic comic later this month in Bulgaria. The script will honor Robert E. Howard's original material with a much more faithful adaptation than what was seen in Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1982 take on the character.

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Conan, which stars Jason Momoa in the lead role, is gearing up for a mid-to-late 2011 release date.