Ron Perlman is of the opinion that Hellboy II: The Golden Army was not the last time that we will see the actor in the makeup of Big Red himself. "This ride we're on, opening number one at the box office, that's just icing on what was already the most delicious cake I'd ever bitten into," Perlman told Moviehole. In light of the nearly $100 million box office take of the film, Perlman seems to think that there will be a third entry in the Hellboy saga.

Perlman says:

Nothing's been announced but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a third, particularly on the heels of Hellboy II's success. And I know Guillermo has an incredibly well-articulated idea about what the third movie needs to be. It'll answer a lot of questions. It almost needs to happen because with the ideas that he has about closing the trilogy, it would be a shame for it go unfinished.

It also seems possible that Guillermo del Toro has plans to use Perlman even earlier than a possible third Hellboy. Perlman says that Guillermo Del Toro hinted that there may be a role for him in the upcoming adaptation of The Hobbit to be directed by Del Toro. "When I found out he was going to be in New Zealand for four years, I said to him 'I'm really gonna miss you, pal'," says Perlman. "And he said to me 'Oh no, you're not!' I don't know what he means by that - he didn't get any more specific - but if he needs me there I'm there. Anytime I can be on a film set or even just sitting around a dinner table from Guillermo Del Toro, I'm there."