They say fast food will kill you, but not quite like this. Someone looking an awful lot like McDonald's iconic clown mascot Ronald McDonald goes on a wild killing spree in a new horror parody short that is as terrifying as it is hilarious. There is no escaping this painted madman as he takes a chainsaw to a couple of kids in what might be the most violent two minutes ever committed to video. You can take a look for yourself if you dare. But be warned, this is for 18 and older audiences only.

Best Fights posted this excerpt from RackaRacka's full short with the warning, "If you are scared of clowns, do not watch this." And it really showcases the hardcore horror on display, with the clip giving true meaning to the definition of coulrophobia. The clip was pulled from Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter!, which premiered on Youtube back in 2015. You can watch the full clip below, which explains how and why Ronald McDonald is on this killing spree. Taking a queue from Candyman, this type of murderous rampage is expected when you say Ronald McDonald's name three times in a fast food bathroom mirror. It's not the 'real' Ronald McDonald, though. Please be aware that this is all pure parody.

While the full video was created and launched four years ago, the two minute clip is enjoying some viral notoriety. And for good reason. Clowns are scary, and have been in the news a lot over the past handful of years. Pennywise helped 2017's IT: Chapter One become the highest grossing horror movie of all time, and creepy clown sightings were off the radar. The Clown mania has quieted in recent months. But the first trailer for IT: Chapter 2 is dropping this Thursday, so these painted nightmares are revving up again.

The tweeted clip shows Ronald at his worst, as he chocks, beats, stabs and gruesomely kills a number of kids before horrifyingly chasing one down with a chainsaw. The maniacal clown even rips out a tongue and slaps a Playland attendant with it before gleefully wagging it from his own mouth. Scary stuff indeed.

RackaRacka is notorious or using a killer Ronald McDonald in severally horror shorts including Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre, Ronald McDonald VS Cookie Monster and Ronald McDonald BURNS THE BURGER KING! All of them have their merits, for sure.

But nothing can match this viral clip and its two straight minutes of ultra-violent mayhem. It's the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. And it might keep you away from that Big Mac for months to come. Perhaps this is all a metaphor for the kind of guttural damage your typical McDonald's cheeseburger does to the innards. However you want to spray paint it, this is some gruesome stuff. Thanks RackaRacka for making me both very hungry and scared at the same time.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange