Megacity: According to The Hollywood Reporter, with Alien vs. Predator about to be unleashed in theaters, Ronald Shusett, co-creator of the Alien series, is tackling another sci-fi/horror project.

Shusett, who also was a producer and writer on Total Recall, has teamed with comic book specialist Daniel Alter to option feature rights to the new title Megacity. A potential franchise vehicle, "Megacity" is to be published by Devil's Due via an arrangement with the Korean entity Studio Ice.

Alter discovered the property at the recent Comic-Con convention.

Set in the not-too-distant future, the series follows the exploits of an elite team of soldiers called Phobia, whose job is to stop psychic parasites known as pulses from possessing innocent people and turning them into monsters.

"It's basically 'Aliens' meets 'Minority Report.' Who better to do this with than Ron?" said Alter, who also is working with Shusett on the previously announced "2176" and the Image Comics series "Industry of War."