Rosario Dawson is planning to bring Gemini to television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she will first star in The Gemini Division, an online live-action/motion-capture Sci fi series upon which the TV show will be based.

Dawson is set to star in and produce both incarnations of the series. There are currently 100 three-minute episodes of the online version being produced at this time. Dawson stars as a New York cop who must investigate the murder of her own husband. While doing so, she uncovers an international conspiracy involving simulated life forms that have assimilated with the unsuspecting populace.

Producer Stan Rogow stated, "I can't think about doing anything that would start in the traditional TV model. It's so interesting to start an idea on the Internet; it's an opportunity to interact with your audience in a different way, to build fan base. It's a new creative form and a new business model."