On August 7, Starz Home Entertainment and Carsey-Werner will release Roseanne: Season Eight, which is sure to put a smile on your face with its outrageous humor, envelope pushing episodes and down right funny cast. All 25 uncut episodes of Roseanne: Season Eight will be available on a four disc set (that's loaded with extras) for the suggested retail price of $39.98.

In Roseanne: Season Eight, the Connor family is bewildered when Dan suffers a heart attack and is forced to change his way of life. But the mayhem doesn't stop here. In the series' episodes, Jackie struggles with an internet addiction, Roseanne has her baby shower, Darlene gets married and much more. Along with the usual trails and tribulations of the Conner family; are other Conner classics including an all time favorite classic sitcom tribute. Featuring such guest stars as Ed McMahon, Pat Harrington Jr., Jenna Elfman, Shecky Greene, Norm Crosby, Mariel Hemingway, June Lockhart, Fred Willard, Tiny Tim, Shelley Winters, Eric Dane, Tony Curtis, Milton Berle and the cast of Stomp, there's no wonder why this season is remembered by so many.

Roseanne: Season Eight contains the classic shows like: DJ's Thanksgiving pageant, the arrival of two different Beckys and the birth of Jerry Garcia Conner; which make this set a must have for fans.