The Good

This is a great show that was really in it's grove in this fourth season.

The Bad

I wish Roseanne racks on these DVDs as the ones she does provide are great!

Like The Brady Bunch - The Complete Fourth Season, one in which many people feel that the show really hit things out of the park, Roseanne: The Complete Fourth Season certainly shows itself to be on par with that. The Connor family is still poor, living on love and showing the world an honest reflection of the American working class family. Roseanne, Dan, DJ, Darlene, Becky and Jackie all weave in and out of the various plots on this show, and while Roseanne herself was certainly the grand dame of the events in question, this show worked because it focused itself on the "lesser" characters.

Filling the 25 episodes that make up this set with such topics as breast reduction, birth control and even an alien abduction, Roseanne: The Complete Fourth Season straddles the line and turns out to be very serious comedy.


"Life Imitating Art, Imitating Roseanne"

This is an interview with Roseanne where she discusses the show and the character she played. When one considers where this actress/comedienne began and where she ended up, hers' is truly an amazing story. While I haven't always been a fan of everything she's done, I feel that Roseanne's story should inspire others to believe that they can achieve their dreams.

Interview with Lecy Gorenson (Becky) and Michael Fishman (DJ)

As I have had the chance to see Lecy Gorenson interviewed recently, I was a lot more excited to see what has become of Michael Fishman. As DJ he had the unfortunate problem of truly having to grow up on TV. Starting off as a cute young kid and eventually becoming a young man, we see how much his life was affected by this show. Gorenson seems like she was born to play the Becky role and I still can't believe she abandoned (and returned to) her character during this show's run.

Video Commentary by Roseanne on Select Episodes

Unfortunately, Roseanne only provides two video commentary tracks on this four disc DVD set. Now, normally that wouldn't be a problem but she just seems like she wishes she was elsewhere? Who knows, perhaps her contract stipulates that she isn't compensated for DVD sales? Whatever the case, these are worth checking out as Roseanne is in full form in these video commentary tracks where the screen splits and we get to see the Roseanne of today speak about her hit show of the 80s. Nothing to pectacular, but worth a look for the hardcore fans.


1.33:1 - Aspect Ratio. Nothing too special as far as the look of this shows but fans will be happy to know that these episodes are uncut. Essentially, I think these things become manipulated when they are in syndication (sorry Nick @ Nite Fans), but truthfully one would have to examine these things on a microscopic level in order to find the differences. The colors and tones of this show look a bit sharper than how it plays on TV, but that is to expected when factoring in compression and everything else that happens to get the shows to DVD.


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. The writing on this show is so good that it appears effortless. Since we know that acting is never this easy, I think this aspect showcases just how good the cast of this show was. While nothing about the audio really grabbed me, I did appreciate how the sound help up without any dropouts for all 25 episodes.


A shaggy haired Dan Connor (John Goodman) has his arms around Roseanne for this front cover. Underneath that are more images from the various episodes that make up this DVD set. The back gives us a description of this show, some more pictures, a special features listing and technical specs. All of the four discs that make up the set are neatly housed inside plastic cases, which give us more pictures from the show as well as an index and description of all the episodes.

Final Word

I spoke very glowingly of this show when I reviewed the third season. I was happy to find that Roseanne: The Complete Fourth Season was still keeping pace with itself. It's funny, having TV Land to watch as well as DVDs of the shows that air on that channel, it really has allowed me to see how TV shows evolve over the course of their run. I find myself sometimes wondering how certain shows managed to stray so much from what they originally started out as. I even wonder why they made the changes they did, but somebody must have known what they were doing or the shows wouldn't be as celebrated as they are.

While I might have problems with the final episode of the final season, overall Roseanne always kept things where they needed to be.