The Good

This is a great show that, though it got kinda bad toward the very end, it's certainly worth collecting on DVD.

The Bad

Why isn't there a blooper reel on this four disc set?

Roseanne - The Complete Third Season is great, effortless TV. I could seriously watch Roseanne, Dan (John Goodman), Becky (Lecy Goranson), Darlene (Sara Gilbert), DJ (Michael Fishman) and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) forever. There is something so comforting, so warm and so easy about just putting on the four discs that make up this set and returning to this show. Whether we are seeing Jackie consult Roseanne y and Darlene are having a fight, or Dan is trying to make ends meet for the entire family, this show is spot on hilarious.

When Roseanne was on TV I didn't always watch it but it was a show that I caught from time to time. As time has worn on and I have had a resurgence in my television viewing habits (courtesy of TV on DVD), I have come to truly appreciate what a special show this was. It is great writing, mixed with superb acting that has made Roseanne stand the test of time.


Laurie Metcalf: The Sister Who Never Leaves

An insightful interview in which Metcalf (who doesn't seem too much different than her on screen persona) discusses her character, the audition she had for the role and what it was like to work on this show. What I find so interesting about these kinds of interviews is that these actors seem truly unfazed by what they have created.

Lecy Goranson: I Was A Teenage Becky

While very similar to the Metcalf interview, I found that Goranson is nothing like the character she plays on the show. While Becky was quick with the quips, Goranson seems more thoughtful and introspective as she answers questions about working on Roseanne. She is right on when she discusses Roseanne's "rawness and realness" as being the thing that attracted so many viewers.

The Best of Season Three

I really don't understand the point of this featurette. If it's purpose is to promote the show, it's not something you can really watch unless you've bought or rented the DVDs. Therefore, you already sort of own it, right? Also, why watch this when you can just watch the shows themselves? In a nutshell, this extra feature goes through all the characters on the show highlighting some of their funnier moments.


Full Screen. There is nothing too special about the way this show looks or the way it's presented. The lighting is soft and bright and nothing has been done to change it from it's sit-com formula. Truthfully, I don't expect much from the picture on a show like this. I just want to be able to see it as I remember it and this four disc set more than achieves that.


Dolby Digital - Stereo. As dialogue on a sit-com is of paramount important, I have to say that everything is in order here. I never noticed any audio hits or even any points where the audio dropped out. For a show like Roseanne they could just transfer it straight over without messing with the sound at all and I don't think anybody would notice.


Roseanne hugs Dan on this front cover as a strip of scenes from Season 3 unspools below them. Sadly, the images of Dan and Roseanne have been badly photoshopped against a purple background. The back cover features some more shots from the show, a description of what the third season has in store for viewers, an "Extra Features" listing and a few technical specs. Two slim plastic cases house all four discs, with more pictures from the show laid across their covers and episode descriptions on the back. Inside the cases are a bunch of Roseanne-related trivia questions. Well put together packaging for a great TV on DVD release!

Final Word

This is the only season of Roseanne that I own but I have to say I don't know that I would want to start my collection anywhere else in the series. All of the actors seem so in tune with one another. Nobody seems like a weak link or they are struggling to keep up with the constant humor that is being put across here. Also, I love how this show dealt so openly with issues of PMS, family problems and other issues of the day. Perhaps why this show has held up as well as it has (and why I like it so much) is because it is just as relevant now as when the shows on these DVDs first aired.

I am so happy that Anchor Bay has released this show on DVD and I look forward to collecting more of the seasons as they become available.