Rosemary's Baby:: According to Variety, ABC has made a deal to turn Ira Levin's horror classic Rosemary's Baby into a four-hour miniseries that will put Satan's spawn on track for a 2005 airdate.

Lieberman, who expects the network to secure a writer shortly, said most of the mini will be a fairly faithful retelling of "Rosemary's Baby" but will likely pick up the story years later, when Rosemary's son becomes a teenager.

Rosemary's Baby was originally bought by Paramount, which first put horrormeister William Castle on the film but then made a gutsy move in replacing him with Roman Polanski.

End result was the 1968 pic that starred Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes and kicked off a slew of paranoia-fueled thrillers in the 1970s.