22 Jump Street filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are developing The Rosie Project for Sony Pictures Entertainment as a potential directorial vehicle.

The studio acquired the novel by Graeme Simison back in April, with Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (The Fault in Our Stars, The Spectacular Now) coming aboard to write the screenplay adaptation, after the author took an initial pass at the script.

The story centers on genetics professor Don Tillman, who may suffer from Asberger's Disease. The professor has never been on a second date in his life, which leads him to create what he calls The Wife Project, a questionnaire that will help him find a non-smoking, non-drinking female that will fit with his lifestyle. However, his plans go awry when he meets a woman named Rosie, who fits none of his pre-selected criteria but still may be the right match for him.

The directors and writers recently met to discuss the project's prospects, which centers on the theme of trying to "program" love, although Phil Lord and Chris Miller won't commit to the project yet until they see the script.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are coming off two big hits this year, The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street. We reported earlier this month that they are producing 23 Jump Street, but they have not committed to directing that follow-up yet either, since Rodney Rothman is just starting work on the screenplay.