Rotten Apples is a new website that allows users to find out how many alleged sexual predators have worked on a specific movie. The idea had been tossed off as a meme and a joke a few months ago, but it is now a real site with a name playing off of Rotten Tomatoes. The Harvey Weinstein scandal has brought all kinds of other allegations against the entertainment industry, leading many to wonder if it's safe to enjoy Hollywood movies at all anymore. Spoiler alert, just about every movie you can think of is attached to some kind of alleged sexual deviancy.

The premise is simple: Type in the name of any movie or TV series and you'll be told if an alleged abuser or creep is in any way connected to the project. If anyone on the cast or crew is involved, all one has to do is click their name, which will then take you to a reputable news source's article on the charges and/or convictions. This comes at a time when sexual misconduct allegations are constantly at the top of the news. Every day a new allegation seems to surface against a powerful man or woman, though these allegations are made largely by women against men.

The site is useful, but it probably won't go too far in stopping people from watching their favorite movies and TV shows. On the other hand, Hollywood is quickly severing ties with anybody related to sexual assault publicly. For instance, Kevin Spacey was recently fired from Netflix's hit show House of Cards as well as Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World after allegations of sexual misconduct began to surface. In other words, House of Cards should be okay to watch now that Spacey is no longer involved in the project, which Rotten Apples will show you.

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One interesting movie to look up is Good Will Hunting, which has Harvey Weinstein listed as an executive producer along with his brother Bob and then Ben and Casey Affleck show up as well. In other words, Good Will Hunting may be blacklisted from some consumers trying to watch and consume more ethically. There are shows like HBO's Big Little Lies, which is sexual predator free, according to the site and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is also good to go. The site seems to be accurate, but is it ethical?

Rotten Apples is a good idea in theory, but some of the men or women being accused of sexual misconduct may or may not have performed the heinous acts that they have been accused of, which is certainly not the case for the majority of the allegations. Basically, users can utilize Rotten Apples at their own risk and how they see fit. It could end up as a popular drinking game in the near future as well. Go see for yourself which movies you're able to watch with a clean conscience via Rotten Apples.

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