It was announced in June of 2015 that Sony closed the deal for an untitled raunchy comedy script by Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs. That untitled script was first called Rock That Body and is now officially titled Rough Night. Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers), Kate McKinon (Ghostbusters), Jillian Bell (Workaholics), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), and Zoe Kravitz (Big Little Lies) star in the comedy and today posters describing the traits of their characters were released.

Five Rough Night posters popped up online through Entertainment Weekly and each poster gives a glimpse into the role of the actress in the movie through text on a dirty, bloodied sash. "Better Off Wed" is written across Scarlett Johansson's sash with an American flag pin and miniature drink umbrella, Jillian Bell's sash reads "Lethally Horny" and contains blood spatter, the sash of Ilana Glazer shows a marijuana pin with the statement "Dope AF" along with some blood, Zoe Kravitz has two glasses of wine and her sash reads "Dressed To Kill" with blood stains in the shape of wine glasses, and finally, Kate McKinnon has "Party Down Under" written across her sash with what appears to be a jar of Vegemite. When paired with the trailer, the Rough Night posters only add to the comedy and let the viewer know that they are definitely in for a wild ride.

Aniello directed Glazer in the pilot and eleven episodes of Broad City from 2014-2016, so that should give fans of the show a good idea of what they are getting into. Broad City has continually pushed the envelope of comedy on Comedy Central. Rough Night was originally sold as The Hangover meets Weekend at Bernie's, but some viewers of the trailer have noticed a striking similarity to another film.

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Rough Night is five best friends from college who reunite in Miami, Florida for a wild and crazy bachelorette party. The party starts with the friends sharing drugs and ends up taking a dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper. Sound familiar? The premise is almost identical to the 1998 Christian Slater movie Very Bad Things, but with women, and citizens of the internet have taken notice. In Very Bad Things, John Favreau reunites with five of his old friends before getting hitched and they head out to Las Vegas for a wild and crazy bachelor party. After doing some drugs, one of the characters accidentally kills a female stripper. There are bound to be different plot twists for Rough Night, but at a very surface level it does look an awful lot like a rehash of Very Bad Things. Sometimes women need to kill strippers in movies too.

Rough Night is set to open June 16th, 2017 along side Disney's Cars 3 and the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me. The movie already has a huge buzz surrounding it and the trailer does look promising. Plus, it shouldn't be too difficult to surpass the 44% rating of Very Bad Things on Rotten Tomatoes.

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