Earlier this month, Sony Pictures released an age-restricted Rough Night red band trailer, which featured plenty of R-rated language, to get fans ready for the June 16 release. With the release date looming, the studio has released an all-ages green band trailer, which still highlights all of the lunacy experienced by these five female friends on a bachelorette party gone terribly awry, but without all of the naughty curse words. Still, if the red band trailer was any indication, this summer comedy won't be skimping on the foul language by any means.

This new green band trailer from Sony Pictures does offer some more insight into the longtime friendship between the five main characters, Jess (Scarlett Johansson), Alice (Jillian Bell), Frankie (Ilana Glazer) and Blair (Zoë Kravitz), who all went to college together, along with Pippa (Kate McKinnon), who Jess met during her semester abroad in Australia. The trailer opens with scenes from their college days, with the girls all hanging out at a fraternity party, playing beer pong together, although Jess admits that she just wants to hang out with them. She also adds that all of their kids will be playing together some day, before their heartfelt conversation is interrupted by a drunken young woman.

We also get a brief glimpse at all of these characters' lives, with Alice yelling at her kids at a playground, Frankie leading a peaceful protest, while Blair tells her young son that she really does have to go to Miami for this bachelorette party. When they finally get to Miami, the party gets out of control when a mishap in their condo results in the death of a male stripper, which leads to a cop (Colton Haynes) investigating, although he gets knocked out by Frankie. Jess tries to calm everyone down by stating that things may be crazy now, but all of these ladies will have plenty of material for their wedding speeches.

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The trailer also seems to hint that there could be some homages to Weekend At Bernie's at play here, with these women propping this dead stripper up in their convertible, where he gets a high five from a woman on the street. The supporting cast includes Paul W. Downs, Colton Haynes, Demi Moore, Ty Burrell, Dean Winters, Karan Soni and Natalie Gold. Lucia Aniello makes her feature directorial debut on Rough Night from a script she co-wrote with Paul W. Downs, after writing, directing and producing several episodes of Comedy Central's Broad City.

This summer comedy movie will hit theaters June 16, where it will go up against Pixar's Cars 3, Open Road Films' All Eyez On Me and Entertainment Studios' 47 Meters Down. In addition to the trailer, the Rough Night Instagram has also released photos from special advanced screenings across the country where cast members surprised fans. Take a look at this new trailer and Instagram photos below.