Rutger Hauer sets out to relive his glory days in the new sci-fi action thriller RPG: Real Playing Game. The cult icon takes on the role of a dying millionaire who discovers a way to reverse the aging process in this unique twist on the fountain of youth fairytale from writers and directors Tino Navarro and David Rebordão. We have an exclusive look at RPG with both the trailer and the new poster.

In a future not too far away, Steve Battier (Rutger Hauer), an elderly, terminally ill multi-millionaire, accepts the offer of a company, RPG, that in exchange for a high monetary sum, provides a very select group of clientèle the chance to be young again. For 10 hours, 10 millionaires from around the world, men and women of fame and power, are transferred to attractive and healthy younger bodies, to live in a world of temporary rejuvenation, in a game of real thrills, where every hour someone must die. After returning to the body of a man of 23 years, enjoying the pleasures of sex, and experiencing the adrenaline of violence and power over life and death, Steve is willing to do anything to stay young forever...But what we may have experienced is not always what appears to be.

Watch as Rutger Hauer pays the ultimate price for an unobtainable life in RPG: Real Playing Game. The film is being released on DVD and VOD February 10, and is a must-see for any true Rutger Hauer fan! There are ten players, but only one surviver...Will he be one of them?

RPG Poster