Warner Bros. is finally moving forward on the long-gestating plans to adapt Midway's action-packed video game adaptation Spy Hunter for the big screen, with Ruben Fleischer confirmed to direct.

The game's storyline centers on Alec Sects, a F-15 pilot trained by the FBI, who attempts to bring down Israeli-based international company Nostra. Founded by Daemon Curry, the company is plotting to take over the world by knocking out earth's vast supply of electricity.

Carter Blanchard is writing the screenplay, while Dan Lin and Roy Lee are producing. Ruben Fleischer is best known for helming this past January's Gangster Squad and the cult-classic Zombieland.

Universal Pictures was originally behind this Spy Hunter adaptation, which had John Woo attached to direct and Dwayne Johnson starring as Alec Sects. The studio put the project on hold after the action star dropped out way back in 2005. Paul W.S. Anderson, known for producing and directing several installments of Resident Evil, the highest grossing video game based franchise in the world, also took a shot at making the film. That version gained little traction at the studio, and it was abandoned.

It is possible, now that the movie is moving forward, that Dwayne Johnson could return to play Alec Sects. Though, Warner Bros. may go with a younger actor. Maybe Taylor Lautner? What do you guys think?

No production schedule has been released. It is not known when the movie may finally arrive at the cinemas.