New Line Cinema: Thanks to a reader over at Dark Horizons, the recent production rumblings and rumors were made available to the site over the weekend. Take a look at what could be in store...


AMERICAN PRINCESS - Sort of on hold. Lindsay Lohan is interested, but they're waiting a beat for this market to settle down in terms of the number of films for this audience. The Todd's wrote the last draft, script will need more work eventually.

BRIDGE AND TUNNEL - This is Stokely's pet project. Peter Care still attached.

DIESEL DEBUTANTES - Draft due in about two weeks

FAMILY PLANNING - They're figuring this out, waiting until after the Awards to figure out the next step. New Line may just do as a negative pickup.

FREDDY VS. JASON 2 - Jeff Katz has done a 20-page internal treatment. It brings back the "Ash" (Bruce Campbell) character from the EVIL DEAD franchise. New Line is negotiating with CAA/Raimi to see if they can get him into this movie, with the then intent to do EVIL DEAD 4. Shannon & Swift won't be doing this.

GUILTY PLEASURE - Hiring Koppelman & Levine to write (after "Josiah's Cannon"). This could come together quickly once script gets in shape.

IRON MAN - The Tom Cruise interest is very real. This will need a high-end polish once talent comes on board. Schedule depends on when MI3 goes. Spielberg passed, but still at that level, esp. with TC.

PARKER GREY SHOW - Kate Hudson still attached.

SEX TALK - No start date yet, international appeal still being figured out.

SLEIGHT OF MIND - Out to Jack Nicholson.

SNAKES ON A PLANE - Loucka revising to make more popcorn.

TAMING BEN TAYLOR - They're still making producer deals.

UNTITLED DIANE ENGLISH - They'll probably rewrite to go younger with the female lead on this to make a smart young adult rom-com.

THE WATCH - Victor Salva rewriting.

WESTWARD - Out to Jessica Biel. David Ellis attached to direct.