Some readers over at Dark Horizons have written in to dispell or strength the validity of some recent rumors floating around the web. Take a look...

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Access Hollywood talked with Director Sam Mendes who says "Some weeks ago Kate had meeting with Chris Colombus and some producers of the Harry Potter movies were she was asked to have an important role as a young french wizard or something like that in the 4th Harry Potter movie, which I forgot it's name, she is still thinking about it, I told her to do it just for the kids, Mia and Joe will thanks her in the futureer in the future"

Training Day 2

'Dazz' pops in with this rumour: "I heard from someone yesterday who says that Ethan Hawke's basically wanting in on this whole 'action hero' thing now - something he never wanted a piece of a few years back, when he was doing all those 'meaningful' 'grungy' parts. So anyway, he's nabbed the lead in ASSAULT ON PRECENT 13, he's got TAKING LIVES in the can and now there's a call to do a TRAINING DAY 2, one of Hawke's biggest successes of the past couple of years. (This one smells a little SPEED 2 though because what the studio wants to do is to have Hawke carry it alongside a female co-star because Denzel ain't returning - He's doing a biopic about Harlem pusher Frank Lucas instead). Kiefer Sutherland's been attached to TRAINING DAY 2 for a while, assume in a secondary part - that couldv'e changed (must have been a package deal with TAKING LIVES, which is a steaming pile of..) Writer should be announced sometime this month."

Beverly Hills Cop 4

'Kate' says that Bruckheimer's site doesn't confirm his involvement, but does have a bit on Bad Boys. "Currently, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 is the only sequel in development. There are no plans at the moment to do another BAD BOYS film. (3rd)". An early post by JB does state he is doing Cop though.