The Good

Mark Ruffalo is easily the best part of this movie.

The Bad

This film just feels off.

I love Rob Reiner. I loved him as Meathead in All in the Family and I love him as a director. However, I honestly think that Rumor Has It... is an attempt by the "old guard" to make themselves seem relevant to the Garden State generation. How else to explain this story of Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston), a girl who doesn't know who she is, sleeping with the man her mother and her mother's mother slept with.

Also, they have this film have some sort of connection to The Graduate , give Shirley MacLaine a foul mouth and make Kevin Costner seem ultra hip by having him quote Che Guevara. The only truly honest note in this film seems to be Mark Ruffalo's turn as Aniston's perfect, sap of a boyfriend who ultimately serves up an ending that seems to say it's better to be unhappy than to not be alone.


No extras came with this DVD.


Widescreen Version - Presented in a "matted" widescreen format preserving the aspect ratio of it's original theatrical exhibition. Enhanced for widescreen TVs. There is absolutely nothing about this movie that separates it's look from that of a typical Julia Roberts picture. The lighting is bright, the scenes are exquisitely composed and overall this film looks like many others you have no doubt seen before.


Dolby Digital. English and French Dolby Surround 5.1. Close Captioned. As I watched this movie on DVD, I just imagined the scenes where Shirley MacLaine delivered one of her "zingers" or Jennifer Aniston laid out a quip, and the movie was edited anticipating the laughter of the audience. In fact, it seems like the creators of this film were so sure that they had the formula that would work they ended up outsmarting themselves. How does this relate to the audio? I felt the sound design was presumptuous.


With a cover that almost mimics the iconic Black Flag bars, this cover features Costner, MacLaine, Ruffalo and Aniston against a white background. The back cover is laid out with various shots from the movie, a description of what Rumor Has It... is about, a cast list and some technical specs. All in all, simple packaging for a movie that for some reason has been released as an HD/DVD hybrid. Go figure...

Final Word

Okay, this film did about $90 million worldwide (about $50 million of it in the states) so it certainly isn't a bomb. I just wonder why the marketers for this movie thought that placing Aniston in ads like The Graduate would help this film's prospects? I love The Graduate but even I didn't feel the need to see Rumor Has It... in the theater. This movie seems to be trying to be so many different things that like many films today it ends up being nothing.

I am sure Jennifer Aniston is going to fare much better in The Break-Up. Something tells me this will in no small part be due to the inclusion of Vince Vaughn.

Rumor Has It... was released December 22, 2005.