Star Wars: Episode III: Patrick, who used to run Coming Attractions, got a scoop today which he posted at his new home of Cinescape, claiming a proposed title for the 3rd chapter in the Star Wars saga. Take a look:

A source for Coming Attractions has informed us that the title being used for EPISODE III (and allegedly by Lucas himself) is... RELATED: George Lucas Shares His Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Plans and Why It Didn't Happen


Our source, whose identity and position within show business we will keep anonymous, told us where they heard this information and in what capcity the alleged title has been used. Without breaking our source's confidence and being aware to not jeopardize the jobs of any other individuals, there exists the possibility that the REVENGE OF THE SITH title may be valid. Nevertheless, it again bears repeating that, even with the high standing that we give our source, we cannot guarantee that this will be the final title used for EPISODE III. In fact, the REVENGE OF THE SITH title has even been floated out there as a fan favorite for possible SW3 titles (along with a dozen others.) The only thing that separates our rumor from any others is that we can say that there are individuals working on aspects of the production that have been told that REVENGE OF THE SITH is what the third prequel movie will be called -- but nothing is for sure until you see the movie poster itself. Who knows? George could be telling his people one thing but in fact he's going to announce STAR WARS EPISODE III: THAT'S ALL FOLKS sometime this year. Is REVENGE OF THE SITH misinformation, disinformation or the biggest inside leak yet?

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