Lola (Constance Zimmer) tries to re-connect with her son Rey (Taylor Lautner) in our exclusive clip from Run the Tude, which is currently playing in limited theaters along with On Demand and Digital HD formats. We also get a brief glimpse at Kenny Johnson's Bo in this scene, where Rey decides to meet his estranged mother, because his brother believes they can still be a family. Lola reveals that she had Rey when she was just a teenager, offering insight into a troubling time from her past life.

Rey gave up his chance at college and love to raise his young half-brother Oliver, who looks nothing like him. "Same mom, different dads." But when his meth addicted mother, Lola, is released from prison determined to rebuild her family, Rey kidnaps his younger brother and escapes their desert home for the California coast, chasing the dream that he let go years ago. Lola turns to her ex-husband Bo to help find her missing boys, bringing up ghosts from their own failed relationship.

With nothing but the open road ahead of them, and Lola and Bo in close pursuit, Rey and Oliver race away from a past they never wanted, towards a future that could have been. The supporting cast includes Johanna Braddy, Karen Cabrera, Derek Krantz, K.C. Clyde, Austin Michael Coleman, Nichelle Hines and David Barrera. This movie marks a reunion of sorts for Constance ZImmer and Johanna Braddy, who both starred in the first season of the hit TV series UnREAL, which airs on Lifetime.

Taylor Lautner had two breakout roles in 2005, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, where he played Sharkboy, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, before becoming a household name as Jacob Black in the Twlight movies. After the Twilight franchise ran its course, Taylor Lautner went on to star in Grown Ups 2, Tracers and the Netflix Western comedy The Ridiculous Six, where he reunited with Adam Sandler. He has also starred in 14 episodes of the TV series Cuckoo, and another 10 epiodes on Fox's hit series Scream Queens, which is currently airing its second season.

Soham Mehta directs from a script by Rajiv Shah, with Momentum PIctures distributing the film. Run The Tide marks Soham Mehta's directorial debut, following a number of short films, and it also marks the feature writing debut of Rajiv Shah. Take a look at our exclusive clip below from Run the Tide below.